Wenzhou grandsoo technology co., LTD

Wenzhou Hao Yuan Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology research and development type enterprise. The company key member are the elite in domestic fluid manufacturing, design and manufacturing production has a profound experience. The company has the latest technology and advanced stainless steel processing equipment, processing or manufacture of various stainless steel equipment, can provide to the industry sanitary equipment, valves, pipes and fittings, and provides systems engineering services.

Hao Yuan Technology products series include sanitary manual ball valve, pneumatic valve, electric ball valves, sanitary manual butterfly valve, pneumatic valve, electric butterfly valve, sanitary manual diaphragm valves, pneumatic diaphragm valve, globe valve, manual, pneumatic control valves, safety valves anti mixing valve, special valves; pumps; irrigation equipment series; pipe fittings series. All products are different finish, materials and industrial standards, such as: DIN, SMS, ISO, IDF, 3A, RJT, DS, BS, BPE and other standards for manufacturing, the series fluid product by many others in Europe, America and the world approved countries and regions. Providing high quality pipe fittings for the food, brewing, beverage, pharmaceutical, dairy, water treatment, electronics, biotechnology and chemical industries.

Hao Yuan Technology adhering to the 'health, environmental protection, reliable' business philosophy, altitude hold 'high-end manufacturing technology, to create the perfect quality,' the concept of quality, pragmatic action to create better quality, strict control, continuous innovation, and strive to ensure quality with international standards, and be ready to seek a new leap forward in deeper areas and at higher levels!

  • High quality material quality assurance
  • Reasonable price good service
  • Efficient and quick delivery of the goods in time